iGrip is a Canadian company, specialized in the design and manufacturing of screw studs since 2015, with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Our studs, innovative, with a unique design and superior quality, are suitable for any kind of vehicle and will meet your needs.

The reputation of our products is renowned, because of their safety, their simple installation and our comprehensive range of long-lasting solutions suitable for any weather condition. We have several kinds of studs designed for automobiles, agricultural vehicles, heavy and light machinery, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, forest vehicles, military vehicles, mining vehicles and bikes, as well as for safety boots.

All iGRIP studs are manufactured in hot dipped steel to maximize their durability and with a zinc heat galvanization process which acts as a shield against corrosion. All studs are equipped with a tungsten carbide point to provide a continued and increased traction. This is possible thanks to unparallelled depth of the stud's anchoring in the ice. Easy and quick to install, especially because of the tool provided, the iGrip stud may be used without any difficulties more than one season on new or used tires. As well, the studs are easy to remove, as needed.

At iGrip studs, innovation and new product development are common currency. We listen to our clients and we do not hesitate to create new products to satisfy their needs. With our high production capacity, we cater not only to users but also to machinery manufacturers. 

Do you have questions? Contact us! Our experienced and passionate staff will provide anwers to all your questions regarding tires and studs.

The benefits of using iGrip studs

  • Easy to install (tools and guide supplied) and to remove (no need for summer and winter tires)
  • Enhanced off-road performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Excellent alternative to chains (less noisy and expensive)
  • Excellent alternative to traditional “tire studs”
  • Enhanced safety
  • Better grip
  • More stable driving
  • Improved vehicle braking capacity
  • Lasting durability
  • Light
  • Noiseless