Equip your Fat Bike with SS06R Igrip Studs

3 March 2020

This Winter, equip your Fat Bike with SS06R stud and see the difference! Tungsten carbide Hot-dipped steel and galvanized shoulder stud The shoulder prevents sinking into the tires Easy to install and dismantle, a drill will suffice. They are light and durable therefore ideal for this type of tire.

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NEW STUDS! The SS28-SS32 models

29 August 2018

Always attentive to our customers’ needs, this year we introduce two new stud models for snowmobiles and ATV: SS28 and SS32.

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New Stud! The SS50

13 August 2018

This year we have a newcomer, the SS50, with a 50 mm overall length, very resistant carbide and unparallelled rubber anchoring. It is ideal for heavy machinery and trail surface groomers.

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