Stud types

For many years iGRIP has offered ST-type (standard thread) studs. However, in order to improve the product range, iGRIP has added two stud types to the stock, thus answering to the customers’ needs.

The SS (shoulder studs) models were designed for heavy machinery and all kinds of vehicles used in extreme conditions and environments. As well, there are SF (spark free) model studs, which, as the name suggests, do not create sparks when in contact with the ground.


Footwear, tires and tracks will immediately have an increased level of safety after the installation of iGRIP studs, which allows better control of the vehicle when used in slippery terrains.


It is possible to choose and vary the number of studs inserted in the tire or in the footwear soles in order to respond to specific needs.

Moreover, the variable depths and lengths guarantee an optimal grip of the tires, tracks or boot soles on ice, snow, mud, slippery rocks or frozen roadways. For control, effectiveness and safety, choose among our wide selection of versatile screw studs.

3 stud models :

  • ST - Standard Thread stud
  • SS- Shoulder Stud
  • SF- Spark Free stud